Twitter For Business – How To Get Local Leads

Wondering how to use Twitter to get customers for your business?

Here’s how – without spending all your time tweeting!Twitter-For-Business

Twitter is great for local business: it’s like a massive real time 24/7 party where people are chatting about what to buy, how to get things done, who to recommend, problems they’ve got, issues they’re facing . . .

And whenever anyone mentions anything related to your business, you can listen in.

From local Accountants to Zoos people are tweeting NOW about the goods and services YOU could provide them . . . if only they knew you existed.

With Twitter you can tune in to these conversations and let them know you are out there and how you can help them.

How It Works – As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

  1. Identify local customers on an ongoing basis as and when they tweet various keywords relating to your business.This is managed automatically, and explained in the videos at the bottom.
  2. Use #hashtags to reach out to even more prospects. By clever use of #hashtags relating to your local area and business sector you will widen your reach to other local Tweeps (people on Twitter).
  3. Follow them in the expectation that if they are at all interested they will follow you back. If they’re not interested they won’t, and you won’t be wasting any sales time on them.

Of course you’ll get apparently irrelevant people following as well, but maybe their followers are potential customers, and you can take a view at any time whether to unfollow them or not.

Tweet Tactics – What To Say – And What NOT To Say

Once they are following you, then you can start to engage with them.

You don’t have to sell to them – they know exactly what you do from your Twitter profile.

You do not bombard them with tweets about your sales pitch.

Good sales practice is to listen to your customers first.

Your tweets should be a mixture of:

  • tips
  • fun stuff
  • occasional special offers
  • retweets (particularly of your customers’ tweets)
  • local events
  • local news
  • your industry specific news

Much of this content creation can be automated, but if you want to be more hands on then you can prepare it in batches and schedule it for later automatic tweeting.

How To Manage Your Twitter Account – Automatically

The programme which makes all this easily doable is Pluggio*.

Use the free version to get started now and take it for a test drive.

With proactive management this WILL generate prospective customers for your business.

*In the spirit of full disclosure this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from Pluggio. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.

Take a look at the videos for a preview of how it works.

Video 1 How To Grow Your Following Based On Your Local Business Niche


Video 2 How To Grow Your Following Based On Your Location


To Your Twitter For Business Success!

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