Top 10 Sales Tips – Secrets Of The Pros

Ten Secret Sales Tips Guaranteed To Get Results These sales tips are short and sweet, but will have a big impact on your sales performance. What’s the best time of day for a customer meeting? 10-30am. Why?

How To Close A Sale! The Closing Techniques That Really Work

How To Close A Sale Of all Sales Techniques the ones which are most widely misunderstood are Closing Techniques. Misunderstood because they conjure up images of sleazy snake oil salesmen manipulating people into buying stuff they don’t

Scared Of Cold Calling? – Conquer Your Fear With These Top Telephone Techniques

Cold Calling On The Phone? Afraid? Well don’t be – cold calling is just another sales skill, and like all the other sales techniques, telephone techniques are mostly about learning new ways of doing things and practising them

Overcoming Objections – When No Doesn’t Mean No

Overcoming Objections: Rookie Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Any excuse or apparent reason a customer gives you for not going any further on the sales journey with you is called an Objection. Overcoming Objections is one

How To Read Your Customer’s Mind – Body Language In Sales

Body Language And Sales: Building Rapport No doubt you’re curious about Body Language, who isn’t? And as salespeople we have to be more than curious, we have to learn about it as one of our range of

Listening Skills – Why Silence Is Golden

You’ve Got 2 Ears But Only 1 Mouth – How Come? Of All Sales Techniques This Is The Daddy Really listening with care, curiosity and empathy is something we’re not very good at. (By the way ’empathy’

How To Unlock The Sale – The 5 Hidden Benefits Of Open Questions

And Why Closed Questions Are A Bad Thing But first, let’s recap: We’ve learnt about Features, Advantages and Benefits and we’ve decided that the smart approach is to find out exactly what Benefits the customer is looking

Identifying The Buying Decision-Makers – The Ultimate Guide

In a previous article we looked at Features, Advantages, and Benefits, where we kept referring to “the customer”. But who exactly ARE our customers? Too often salespeople assume that their operational contact in the buying organisation, or

Features And Benefits: So What?

How To Avoid Boring Your Customer To Death . . . . . . By using FAB – Features, Advantages and Benefits First let’s get the terminology sorted out. Features, Advantages and Benefits are technical sales terms,
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